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A young African boy is swept into the
Atlantic Ocean by the raging Nabi River.

Clinging precariously to a sinking tree, he is
rescued by a passing ship and taken to
London. Set in the 1600''s, Deward
eventually ends up in the New Colony of
Georgia. This is the extraordinary story of a
young boys growth to manhood and the
choices he has to make
Hibbity-Hibbity, by Bill Stinson
has a problem. All of the Hibbity-Hibbitys
where he lives have short tails.
Something has hold of his short tail and
will not turn loose. Hibbity-Hibbity visits
the forest where he discusses the
problem with his friends. Join the fun as
each of Hibbity-Hibbity friends have a
hilarious solution to Hibbity-Hibbity's
VeeVille,  by Bill Stinson
he opened her eyes to see them sitting on
limbs surrounding her. Her screams echoes
through the jungle. Sam Watkins, an
National Security Agency agent, is working
on a secret government project to develop
time travel to the past. The project is
loaded as an app on special smartphones to
be used by future time travelers. The app
appears on six smartphone sold by the
Montgomery cell phone company in
Georgia. Four teenagers activate the app
and are transported into a prehistoric
jungle. It is up to Sam Watkins to return to
the past to find and safely return the four
teenagers to Varneville.
by Bill Stinson

Darcy and Keller visit Paps's house for a
few weeks during the summer. What they
find living under the lighthouse at Cape
Nowhere, South Carolina will be the
adventure of a lifetime.
Bill Stinson,
Author of Children's Literature

Young children's read-a-long
stories as well as youth fiction
Bill Stinson can write the stories
you just don't want to put down  
by Bill Stinson
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"Juarez" by Bill Stinson